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You Can’t Celebrate Christmas Without Mulled Wine. Watch Recipe Video Inside

Christmas traditions are many but only a few of them are followed year after year across the globe. Besides, baking rum-soaked plum cake and gingerbread cookies, mulled one is also made and served during the festivities. This winter-special drink warms up our soul and brings festive cheer in every sip. Its aroma wafting through the room makes you want to swill it down and grab another glass. Mulled wine is always served warm or hot and that’s why it is popularly consumed in the winter season, especially during the Christmas festival. 

What Is Mulled Wine?

For those who have always wondered what is mulled wine, it is a spiced red wine, flavoured with mulling spices and citrus juice to balance the flavours. Its origin dates back to the second century when Romans invented the idea to warm wine and drink it to brave the cold weather. When Romans started capturing Europe, they took the recipe of mulled wine with them, which became a winter-favourite cocktail across The U.K., and later, the rest of the world. Its popularity speaks for itself. 

What Is Mulled Wine Made Of: 

Traditionally, warm mulled wine is mixed with warming whole spices and citrus juices. Some people even add raisins or honey to it. If you are also planning to celebrate Christmas with the warmth and high of mulled wine, try this quick and easy recipe that you can make without any fuss. 

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Mulled wine is a popular Christmas drink. 

Which Wine Is Best For Mulled Wine 

It’s best to use dark, full-bodied red wine which can imbue the extra flavours added to make mulled wine. Wine with fruity notes works best to make mulled wine. We would suggest a nice Merlot for this recipe. 

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How To Make Mulled Wine I Easy Recipe Of Mulled Wine 

Watch the recipe video in the header section to make this Christmas-special drink. With just a few ingredients, you can quickly make the famous mulled wine for your loved ones. Heat some sugar in a pan, add wine and throw in spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Also, add some orange juice and vanilla essence for a bang of flavours and acidity.  

 Enjoy Christmas 2022 in high spirits with the warmth of mulled wine. 

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