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Why Do We Crave Comfort Food? 5 Indian Meals That Define Comfort

Let’s agree, for Indians, there’s something very special about a plate of dal-chawal. It not only makes for a wholesome meal but also soothes our soul every single time. Hence, it tops the list of comfort foods in India. But have you ever wondered why we crave such comfort food at regular intervals? To understand, first, let’s find out what is comfort food. As per experts, it is defined as something that provides a sense of emotional comfort. A study, published in the journal ‘Appetite’, found that there is a “social” component to foods that provide us solace. We often associate food with childhood memories. “Research has shown that comfort food triggers relationship-related cognitions and can fulfil belongingness needs for those secure in attachment,” the study reads.

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When Do We Crave For Comfort Food:

Some people associate ‘comfort food‘ with indulgence. But if the findings of the study, published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, are to be believed then there’s no requirement that comfort foods be indulgent or unhealthy. In fact, it is more about the comfort that it brings along, that further gives us relief from stress. Hence, you would find yourself craving something comforting after a long tiring day. For the unversed, the areas of the brain that are thought to be responsible for your mood are the hippocampus, insula, and caudate. Studies show that these three areas are activated during food craving episodes.

What Are Indian Comfort Food | 5 Indian Meals That Define Comfort:

1. Dal-Chawal:

Dal is possibly the most popular dish in Indian food culture. It is versatile, healthy and easily accessibly year-round. You can get as creative as you want with the dal recipe. All you need to do is pair dal with a portion of steamed rice and relish. Click here for the popular dal recipes.

2. Khichdi:

It is possibly the quickest meal one can prepare. Mix dal, rice with spices and sabzi and pressure-cook. Then pair it with papad, achar and dahi and put together a wholesome meal in no time. Click here for khichdi recipes.

3. Rajma-Chawal:

Ask a Punjabi, rajma-chawal defines indulgence for them. Be it after a long day or during celebratory feast, a bowl of rajma always wins hearts. Here’s the classic rajma recipe for you.

4. Sambar-Rice:

One of the most popular South Indian meals, sambar and rice make for a flavourful meal any time of the day. It is spicy, and tangy and adds a strong aroma to your meal. Click here for sambar-rice recipe.

5. Dosa:

A South Indian delicacy, dosa is popular across India (and abroad). Dosa is a thing, crispy crepe that makes for a perfect meal when paired with chutney and sambar. And the best part is, you can prepare different types of dosas at home. Click here for some of the most popular dosa recipes.

What is your definition of comfort food? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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