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What’s new at Zapier: Latest productivity, communication, and lifestyle apps

Check out all the latest apps to join Zapier that let you enhance your team’s productivity, communicate better with your customers, and track projects. From project management apps to video conferencing apps, you can now connect with these integrations and use automation to power your workflows. 

See an app on the list you want to connect through Zapier? Search for it in our app directory and start automating right away.


Calendbook allows you to share your calendar with a link to get more bookings. You can schedule and manage appointments, events, and tasks. 


TimeRex is a time tracking and management tool. With it, you can track the time you and your team spend on various tasks, projects, or activities. 


Acquire is a customer communication platform that helps users bridge gaps between customers and sales and support teams to empower all involved.


Lead2Team is a sales and marketing automation tool that helps businesses streamline and automate their sales and marketing processes. 

Mobiz SMS

Mobiz is a service that enables you to create personalized SMS campaigns with a feature-rich landing page.

ClickSend Postcards

ClickSend allows you to send physical postcards to any country via the internet for marketing, sales, and communication with customers.


With Leadferno, you can text customers right from your website using a powerful messaging inbox—allowing you to increase conversions, close leads faster, and delight your customers.

Telnyx Fax

Telnyx Fax is a full-featured global communications platform. With it, you can send and receive faxes in the cloud using the Programmable Fax Integration.

SMSGatewayCenter SMS

SMSGatewayCenter SMS is a bulk SMS messaging service that allows businesses to send text messages to large groups of people at once.  


Woztell is a Whatsapp and business software integration service that lets you automate messages and actions, create targeted marketing campaigns, store files, and more.


Pensight is a knowledge commerce platform for independent online educators. With it, you can sell powerful built-in products and services directly from your link-in-bio. 


MightyCall is a cloud-based virtual telephony system for small and medium businesses. With it, you can build business communications that are reliable, secure, and simple. 


Voxloud is a call-tracking system for growing businesses to improve productivity levels, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. 


Nimbata is a call-tracking platform that lets you attribute phone calls back to keyword searches, web pages, social media, digital ads, or offline campaigns.


WildJar is a call-tracking app that empowers you with the tools you need to help attribute, automate, and optimize your inbound phone leads.


With Phonetonote, you can capture thoughts quickly as a service.


3veta lets teams of all sizes schedule appointments and video calls, process payments, and create marketplaces. 


Aspose is a document automation and reporting service (Word, PDF, OpenOffice, HTML, etc.). With it, you can create, edit, convert, compare, merge, split, and perform other documentation tasks with ease.


Image-Charts is a service to generate images of bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and QR codes to embed inside PDF reports, emails, and more.


Gratavid is a video service that lets you create and send personalized videos, beautifully delivered via email and SMS. Update supporters, promote events, and thank your biggest advocates with video.


Create your own radio station with Radio.co. Automate your schedules, broadcast live, and track listeners in no time.

Dataclay QUE

Dataclay QUE is the optimal API that leverages the full capabilities of Templater for Adobe After Effects to produce dynamic video content.


Mindstamp is an interactive video solution that helps you increase customer engagement, collect data, drive actions, and automate workflows. 


StoryPrompt is an easy way to send and collect personal videos from customers, employees, and your community.  


Vouch is an easy way to capture authentic video content within your workflows.


Muse.ai is a complete video hosting and streaming platform with a clean interface, sharing, embedding, and advanced video search.


Spoke is a simple way to record, edit, and share all your conversations.


Smartnotation is an easy-to-use, voice-enabled meeting minutes solution. With it, you can manage your notes, actions, and decisions.  


mintBlue connects organizations to the blockchain to make them future-proof.


Brosix is a secure instant messenger for your team, offering unlimited file transfer, screen-sharing, audio and video calls, and many more collaboration features to improve your team performance.


TeleRetro is a remote collaboration tool to run Agile retrospectives to help teams evaluate and improve how they work.


Pneumatic is the first workflow service created especially for small teams.


Vism is a project management and collaboration tool for print and signage companies.


Knowa is a board governance tool to meet, collaborate, and access board information in one place. 


actiTIME is a time-tracking and scope management tool that lets you boost performance, track work progress, and monitor work.  


timeBuzzer is a simple time tracker and timesheet app to track hours worked across projects in real time.

My Hours

My Hours is a simple and free time tracker with insightful reports and invoicing features. Enjoy unlimited projects, tasks, and team members.


TrackingTime is a time-tracking app that helps to manage projects, track working times, and measure productivity.

WebWork Time Tracker

WebWork time tracker is time-tracking and employee monitoring software that can be used to track time and screenshots, export timesheet reports, add billable contracts, and generate invoices.

Speak Ai

Speak Ai is a tool to analyze audio and video to get insights extraction and transcriptions.


Shorten.REST is a flexible, robust, scaleable, and transactional URL shortening app.


Proofer is a Shopify app that lets you manage your custom order proofs. 

Picup Media

Picup Media is a platform for jewelry media management.


ExpertTexting is a SMS platform to send and receive messages to and from more than 200 countries globally.

SMSINDIAHUB (International)

SMSINDIAHUB International is an SMS service that allows you to send SMS messages internationally. 


LabsMobile is a communication platform that lets you send SMS to more than 200 countries easily, reliably, and economically.


Aloware is a cloud-based contact center software that offers calls, texts, and workflow automation fit for any team.

Mobivate BulkSMS

Send and receive SMS messages hassle-free using Mobivate. It specializes in bulk SMS, mobile marketing, SMS, shortcodes, and mobile billing services.  

Tall Bob

Tall Bob allows you to send SMS messages to your customers. With it, you can incorporate engaging video content, surveys, gamification tools, augmented reality, and catalogs into your SMS journeys.


TxtSquad helps organizations with personalized, real-time communications. Add texting to your engagement toolbox.


Send any print job, data, or content to Cloudprinter and print it locally in more than 104 countries. It offers transparent pricing, real-time status updates, and hundreds of product templates.


DocketManager is a complete print business management system that offers a fully integrated cloud-based MIS and web-to-print platform.


MRPeasy is a cloud-based MRP system that gives you everything you need to manage your manufacturing and distribution.


7todos is a task board for people working on multiple projects. With it, you can get an overview of all your tasks across projects all at once.


GLIDR helps you make data-driven decisions on what to build, from roadmap through discovery, launch, and iteration.

PPM Express

PPM Express is a product portfolio management platform that lets you easily integrate and orchestrate your existing projects in Microsoft Planner, Azure DevOps, Jira Software, Monday.com, and Microsoft Project Online. 


Savio tracks feature requests from survey and NPS tools, help desks, CRMs, or from any customer-facing tool where you receive them.

Odyssee Field Service

Odyssee Field Service is work order management software that helps service companies around the world achieve field service excellence.

Tandora Changelog

With Tandora Changelog, you can let your customers know about your website updates, changelogs, and much more. 


Create a seamless experience with integrated reservations, meeting room management, building access, Wi-Fi control, and guest management.


Variance hooks into your customer data and makes it easy to access growth signals across product, marketing, and sales.

Last Mile Delivery Planner by MyRouteOnline

This is route optimization service lets you plan routes for multiple locations in just three easy steps, as well as track and navigate deliveries. 


PeerBie is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company. You can use features like project management, product management, messaging, customer management, and performance management for better communication. 

Out of Office Assistant for Jira

Out of Office Assistant is an app within the Jira Cloud environment to automatically inform your colleagues if they assigned you issues in your absence. It will also reassign issues automatically if coverers are selected.


Whale is a knowledge and training platform for SMEs. Whale helps you centralize your processes, SOPs, policies, and tribal knowledge so you can onboard and train your team faster.


BasicOps is an online project management tool that empowers hybrid teams to collaborate on projects, tasks, files, and notes all in one place and in real time.


Questmate is an app for managing and sharing recurring tasks, like daily routines or business processes.

VisitUs Reception

VisitUs Reception is a visitor management system that focuses on integrations and user experience.


Routine is a productivity app that lets you create tasks, notes, and calendars all in one spot. With it, you can unify your calendars, centralize your work, plan your days, and focus on what’s important. 

Covve Scan

Covve Scan is an app that scans and accurately reads business cards using Covve’s AI-powered business card reader.

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

Base64 Encoder/Decoder easily converts any file type to a Base64 encoded string and vice versa using its online converter.

1st things 1st

1st things 1st allows you to clarify your priorities based on your values and criteria. With it, you can easily evaluate items on your work and personal lists. 

Sera Systems

Sera is the new era of field services software that includes automated dispatch scheduling and improved efficiency while providing a delightful experience to business owners, technicians, and customer service teams.


DailyBot is your team’s daily assistant. With it, you can put your stand-up meetings, status reports, and check-ins on cruise control, allowing you to save time and increase productivity.


Maestro is a no-code process orchestration tool created to support agile business processes and leverage automation to allow teams to focus on innovation.


Rocketlane is a collaborative customer onboarding platform that helps you shorten time to value and deliver a delightful onboarding experience.


Civalgo’s platform lets you operate your construction company and enhance productivity in the field with a powerful operational project management platform.   


Taiga is a project management tool for multi-functional agile teams to work effectively. With it, you can align and reprioritize deliverables with the end user on an ongoing basis. 


Forecast is a full-suite business platform that enables professional service organizations to run efficiently and predictably in one AI-powered software.


PSOhub provides predictive project management, smart contract management, expense tracking, and invoicing in a seamlessly integrated platform.


Coordinate is a collaborative project management platform for you and your customers. With it, you and your team can deliver projects successfully—from start to finish. 

See an app on the list you want to connect through Zapier? Search for it in our app directory and start automating right away.

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