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What’s new at Zapier: Latest marketing, IT, support, and website building apps

Check out all the latest apps to join Zapier that let you streamline marketing, IT, support, and website-building apps. From new CRMs to accounting software, you can now connect with these integrations and use automation to power your workflows. 

See an app on the list you want to connect through Zapier? Search for it in our app directory and start automating right away.

ZeptoMail is a developer-friendly and secure transactional email service that lets you deliver important transactional emails instantly so you can focus on your business. 

TikTok Conversions

With TikTok Conversions, you can optimize your ad performance by sending important customer events directly from your server or CRM to TikTok Event API. 

TheGenie Marketing Hub

TheGenie Marketing Hub is a real estate marketing platform that lets you create turnkey designs guaranteed to get traction in your social media campaigns.

Instant Offer Engine

Turn your real estate website into a lead generator and offer sellers instant cash for properties. 

K Factors

With K Factors, you can create notification widgets that convert so you can grow your traffic, followers, leads, and sales.  


Kameleoon’s A/B testing, full stack, and AI-powered personalization solutions help marketers, product owners, and developers maximize customer engagement and conversions. 


once.to is a modern and fast URL shortener with a variety of features including click tracking, targeting, and stats.


Manage and grow your business’s online presence and reputation everywhere. With myPresences, you can get more reviews and showcase them on your website and social media.


ReviewInc is reputation management and customer communication software that automates the customer experience journey through forms, emails, and text messages.  


Chaport is a live chat for websites designed as a modern messenger. With it, you can add a live chat widget to your website, connect other channels, and automate sales and support with chatbots.


Responsly is a digital feedback platform that gets you the right answers. Build on a super-powerful survey maker with advanced analytics and versatile integrations.

Pluto LMS

Pluto LMS is a learning management system that lets you create and manage online courses, train employees and clients, customize client branding, and more. 

Zoho ShowTime

Zoho ShowTime is a web-conferencing and online virtual training tool that lets trainers engage with their attendees to drive self-improvement through feedback and showcase their delivery skills on a secure cloud platform.  


ElasticWebinar is a webinar app that lets you create modern automated webinars, allowing you to increase online sales, build trust, and reap the benefits of live webinars. 

Blue Form Builder

Blue Form Builder is a simple drag-and-drop form builder that makes it easier and faster to build Magento 2 forms.


Typlog is a blogging and podcasting platform that lets you share your stories in text, images, or audio. 

Access Charity Websites

Access Charity Websites is a digital, scalable solution for fundraising, donor engagement, and data-collection activities. 


The.com is where you make your websites, share your work with others, and collaborate with one another during the site-building process. 


AccessAlly makes it easy to build courses, memberships, and digital products on WordPress, so you have the power and flexibility you need to sell more, teach better, and engage longer.


Staatic allows you to generate and deploy an optimized static version of your WordPress site, helping you improve performance, SEO, and security all at the same time.


SupaPass has everything you need to build a content business around your podcast. With SupaPass, you can create an app and website to elevate your brand, capture your audience, and keep your customers coming back. 

Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights is a social listening and analytics platform that gives you data from social platforms and the web. Data is fetched based on keywords and social profiles. Get the power of social listening with this integration.


Communi-App is an app for all communities looking for ways to better connect and integrate new people. Communi-App helps you connect people and make belonging easy. 

Digimind Social

Digimind Social is a web and social media listening platform that helps you track consumer insights, competitors, and market trends.


With Wavve, you can turn your podcast or musical audio into engaging animated videos to share on social media. 


SocialWeaver is a social media management platform that makes it easy to schedule and publish categorized content and engage with followers on any network all in one convenient place.

SocialGrep Alerts

SocialGrep is a versatile social data collection and analysis platform that can monitor Reddit posts and comments in real time.


WOXO is a platform that enables you to effortlessly create videos from spreadsheets and display social content with widgets to level up your marketing.


IP2Proxy allows instant detection of anonymous proxy, VPN, TOR exit nodes, search engine robots (SES), and residential proxies (RES) by IP address.


IPQualityScore prevents fraud across any industry, catching high risk users and transactions in real time—without impacting your legitimate audience.


Concord provides privacy-first data solutions that protect and reward companies and the people they engage with. 

PagePixels Screenshots

PagePixels provides free, immediate screenshots, scheduled screenshots, and multi-step screenshots (complete forms, logins to websites, and more).


Seidat is a sales deck platform for business teams. It has tools for slide deck creation, presenting, sharing, and analyzing.


Cloudlayer.io is a service that lets you generate dynamic PDF documents or images from a URL or HTML templates.


Urlbox is a screenshot API that allows you to generate images from a URL or HTML.


ShareDocView is a document-sharing platform for lead generation through content marketing.


Codelia is an all-in-one content platform that lets you ideate, create, and distribute content.


Streamtools is a suite of streaming tools for your live content, including payment alerts, merch and rewards, overlays, recurring alerts, banners, and more. 

Zip Archive API

Compress and extract ZIP archives into a single archive for mailing or storage. With it, you can secure your files with a password with ease.


Pipefile streamlines the collection of personal, financial, and otherwise sensitive documents to keep your business moving forward, faster. 


Legislate is a contract management platform built for non-lawyers. With it, you can create and electronically sign all your agreements from one place.


Docamatic allows you to generate PDF documents. It’s a fast and scalable way to generate PDFs and images for developers and businesses. 


VirtualPostMail gives you a permanent U.S. business address to help take your business fully remote. With it, you can read your postal mail online, deposit checks, open business bank accounts, and more.


Microspace is an intuitive tool for teams to share their story with clients and get customer insights in a branded, shared digital space.

Anymail finder

Anymail is a sales and marketing tool that allows you to find anybody’s email address.


Mailfloss is an email verification platform where you can put your bulk email verification on autopilot and start maximizing your email ROI.


TrafficWave is an easy-to-use email marketing platform that will help you start growing your business and stay connected with your customers.


Audienceful is a lightweight email marketing tool that lets you send newsletters, drip sequences, multiple audiences, and more.


Ediware is an email and SMS marketing platform designed so you can manage your campaigns independently. It also supports the graphic creation of newsletters and the acquisition of qualified bases for your prospecting.


Envoke is a broadcast email platform for compliance-conscious organizations sending opt-in and mandatory content with an emphasis on data security and subscription management.


Zkipster lets you manage events that with custom online invitations, guest check-ins, and more.

GTR Event Technology

GTR provides event technology and end-to-end support to help planners execute unforgettable conferences, trade shows, meetings, and events. With it, you can put your event data where you need it.  


Weezevent is built for event organizers and leisure venues with innovative technological solutions for ticketing and cashless payments. 


PheedLoop lets you make organizing conferences, meetings, and trade shows easy with event management software that powers everything from mobile apps, registration, touch-free check-ins, and live streaming. 


Eventcombo lets you easily organize online virtual events, meetings, or webinars. With it, you can customize and create highly engaging events with the industry’s highest standards for security, data protection, and retention policies.


RSVPify is a powerful, end-to-end event management and online ticketing platform that lets you customize event websites, organize RSVPs, track event invitees, and more. 


With Gleam, you can use the tool’s marketing apps to grow and engage customers via contests, giveaways, email forms, and collecting user-generated content.

Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot is a multi-channel marketing suite that combines messenger marketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and eCommerce into one dashboard.


Boast is the easiest way to collect, manage, and display testimonials for your business. With it, you can capture and share praise to build trust with customers and increase sales. 


leadPops develops lead generation technology and marketing solutions for mortgage, real estate, and insurance professionals. 


Poplar is an API-enabled programmatic platform that empowers brands to create fully dynamic, personalized direct mail campaigns quickly. 

Social Snowball

Social Snowball is affiliate marketing for modern eCommerce that lets you supercharge your word-of-mouth marketing. 


Campaigner is a powerful multi-channel marketing platform that has robust features to deliver email and SMS campaigns that help you drive sales.


JotURL is an all-in-one suite for your marketing links. With it, you can build your marketing machine, elevate your brand, track leads, and convert more business. 


Educatly is an innovative student-recruitment platform that helps students study abroad at leading universities and provides universities with access to a global student market.


Growth-X is a tool for automatic lead generation in LinkedIn. With it, you can generate highly engaged B2B leads on autopilot. 


Blanq is a URL shortening platform that lets you add custom domains, track links, route traffic, and manage links easily.


TuxMailer is an email address validation service that lets you manage emails more effectively and protect your sending reputation. 


InflatableOffice is a web application designed to manage all facets of your party rental business, including bookings, inventory, reporting, and more. 


Nudgify is a social proof app that helps you build trust and increase conversions on Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.


Embedery is a platform to help convert visitors into valuable customers using popups, forms, and visitor analysis.


Cronycle is an all-in-one market and content research platform for insight discovery and intelligence development, individually or as a team.

Promotion Vault

Promotion Vault is a zero-waste reward platform that allows you to deliver digital gift cards at scale.


Jepto is a marketing intelligence and automation tool that helps you get more done.

PassKit Membership

PassKit Membership lets you manage your membership programs and passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. 


Cardly helps businesses create great engagement with customers by getting out of inboxes and into mailboxes.


Turn marketing into human experiences with SMS. Neo’s chatbot, keywords, and tags help turn mass outreach into personal experiences and increase returns.


AgentFire is a revolutionary real estate website and marketing platform that helps agents maximize digital opportunities.


SweetAssist is a complete real estate training center relationship marketing software and mastermind community. With it, you can grow, manage, and monetize your business. 


Letterdrop lets you create effective content marketing automation for SEO, social media, and email newsletters.


With DynaPictures, you can design image templates and auto-generate personalized images via API.


Vouchery is an all-in-one promotional suite to help you orchestrate and deliver the right incentive at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Insiteful is a web form tracking and optimization tool that lets you automatically unlock more leads from any form. 


DatHuis is a marketing automation platform for professionals working in residential real estate. With DatHuis, you can generate leads and turn leads into customers.


Botster helps businesses automate routine tasks with zero code bots. With it, you can automate repetitive actions, scale time-consuming tasks, and harvest data from the web. 

Direct Mail Manager

Direct Mail Manager makes sending postcards, letters, and checks as easy as sending an email.


Maildrip is a marketing tool that helps you handle drip emails easily. With it, you can connect with your audience with timely automated emails and send drip emails that reach the heart of your audience. 


ManyReach is a cold outreach platform designed for agencies and sales teams. With it, you can break your work into workspaces, warm senders with intent-driven campaigns and reporting, and communicate with interested prospects. 


Blipboard is a unique event display that makes the recent past accessible at a glance. With it, you can take your real time event data and display it on a dashboard.


GovSpend is a tool that allows agencies and companies to view purchases, bids, contracts, and much more.


Baserow is an open source, no-code database tool and Airtable alternative. With it, you can create your own online database without technical experience.


Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for your team. Effectively manage all of your multilingual content.

Cloud BOT

Cloud BOT is a new web browser automation tool. With it, you can create and run your own robots easily and safely without any installation.


Ycode empowers you to build and host advanced web apps—no code or developers required.


Localazy is a highly automated localization platform allowing anyone to translate their products and content into multiple languages easily.


Cryptolens helps you to keep track of all instances of your software and enforce a wide range of licensing models.


Relysia is an easy way to manage your digital assets. It’s a blockchain service that helps you write immutable data to chain, create smart contracts on the fly, and send them to hundreds of recipients at once.


IPInfo is a trusted source for IP address data that provides information about geolocation, ASN, company details, career details, abuse information, hosted domains, and much more.


Ybug is a visual feedback and bug-tracking tool for your website. With it, you can collect detailed feedback with screenshots from your testers and clients.


With OffAlerts, you can monitor your uptime and receive status updates. Receive immediate emails, SMS, and push notifications when your website or app is offline. 


Rootly is an incident management platform that automates tedious manual work during incidents. With it, you can create a simple, consistent, and delightful incident management process.

Michigan Elections

With Michigan Elections, you can create APIs to check voter registration statuses and ballots in Michigan.

Reshape API

Reshape API transforms data in real time to make your no-code builder and automation tools work together smoothly.

Elfsquad Product Configurator

Elfsquad is for the manufacturing industry. With it, you can connect the sales and production processes and enable sellers and buyers to configure complex products without errors.


IP2WHOIS helps users obtain domain information, creation date, updated date, expiration date, domain age, registrant’s contact information, and much more. 


BOSSDesk is a cloud-based environment where you can organize, manage, and analyze detailed business processes through a secure yet flexible information center.


Umbraco is a content management system that helps you create and update your website easily. 

Moderation API

Automatically detect and hide personal information like email addresses and phone numbers—even if the user is trying to bypass detection. 


The SimpleCert application allows for the automatic creation of contacts and certificates within the SimpleCert framework.


SkyPrep is a learning management system that allows you to easily host, deliver, and track all your training. 


Badgr makes it easy to collect and award digital badges and micro-credentials. With it, you can recognize accomplishments while engaging your audience.


HelpDesk is a ticketing software that helps you provide effortless customer support. With it, you can manage all your customer messages in one place.  


FuseDesk is an integrated help desk and messaging platform for sales and customer support. FuseDesk unites your channels, teams, and reporting.


HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform that offers live chat for web and mobile apps, knowledge bases, and email automation software.


With Watermelon, you can create chatbots, manage conversations, and collaborate with your team to deliver an unforgettable customer service experience.


Dixa is omnichannel customer service software that unifies voice, email, chat, and messaging apps into a single platform.


REVE Chat is an AI-enabled omnichannel customer engagement platform that provides real time sales and support assistance.


ChargeDesk helps you manage your customer payments inside of your helpdesk, improve your billing, and support workflows. 


Virtualbadge.io is a digital certification software that lets you issue certificates for your clients.


Jumbula features easy online registration and management software for classes, camps, and after-school programs. Streamline your back-office operations and give your users a great experience. 


Jobtoolz is a recruitment platform for SMEs and organizations with a strong focus on employer branding, an automated recruitment process, and recruitment marketing.


Innform is a hassle-free online training platform. With it, you can create and deliver high-quality online training to learners worldwide.


Brillium is an assessment platform for creating and delivering exams, quizzes, certifications, and surveys across desktop and mobile platforms. It comes with easy-to-use authoring, detailed reporting, and more. 

HR Cloud

HR Cloud provides seamless onboarding experiences to process new hires. With it, you can create customized workflows, progress reports, and turn traditional onboarding efforts into a competitive edge. 


CodeSubmit helps you make better hiring decisions with take-home coding challenges. With it, you can identify great candidates, get an accurate measure of your candidate’s abilities, and hire the right person for the job.


AssessTEAM is a cloud-based performance management and productivity analysis software. With it, you can generate annual reviews, 360-degree feedback, real-time reviews, and project performance evaluations. 


InsTrack offers powerful in-depth Instagram analytics and actionable insights for brands, influencers, and agencies.


Rylee is a platform that helps bol.com sellers to grow their business. With it, you can do product research and scale your bol.com webshops together with your team. 


Avrio is the new way to capture and share data analysis, user research, and knowledge directly in context with your team.


Caplena helps you automatically analyze free-text, creating actionable results from unstructured customer feedback, tweets, or app reviews.

Case Status

Case Status is a client management platform that allows firms to communicate with clients via text, app, or web through a single platform.


With Backendless, you can streamline the process of developing highly scalable mobile and web applications by using its universal backend system and intuitive UI development interface.

True Reply

Create and launch your voice apps to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in minutes with True Reply, no technical experience or coding required. With it, you can manage and analyze in real time via your personal web dashboard.


Tempokit is a no-code fitness app creator for personal trainers, gyms, and nutritionists to sell workout and nutrition programs from their own custom-branded app.

PitBullTax Software

PitBullTax is a revolutionary web-based software designed for CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals involved in IRS tax resolutions.

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is a customizable online coaching platform that helps you build relationships and keep clients on track for better health.

Digimind Intelligence

Digimind Intelligence is a market and competitive intelligence platform that helps you monitor changes in your business environment.


TurkeySMS is an SMS service that lets you send text messages to any number you want—at scale. 


Humanagement is an app to help you manage employees. It helps you easily train employees and gives you KPI’s, requests management, learning management systems, and more. 

CB Insights

The CB Insights market intelligence platform analyzes data points on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and tech news.

Outbound. by Why Bravo

Outbound is a sales enablement platform designed to use gamification to promote and rapidly grow your team’s outbound activities and reward your team how they want to be rewarded.

See an app on the list you want to connect through Zapier? Search for it in our app directory and start automating right away.

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