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Tension that creates relaxation  

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One of the first signs of stress manifesting in the body is seen by the way of muscle tension.“Progressive muscle relaxation is an easy technique to release that strain quickly and easily, offering both psychological and physiological benefits,” says Delhi-based yoga instructor Kamini Upadhayay, who shares an easy routine for beginners.

  • Lie down on your back and straighten your body.
  • Begin scanning your body for any tightness. Loosen up slowly, but gradually. Notice how that feels.
  • Now stretch your toes out, hold for 10 seconds and gently come back into the original position.
  • Next, create tension in your calf muscles for 10 seconds and release. Do the same with your thigh, hips, stomach, shoulders, neck, mouth, eyebrows and forehead. Be mindful of taking long, deep breaths while you do this.
  • When ready, open your eyes, stand straight and shake your entire body for 10 seconds. Stand still for 10 seconds and repeat before ending the routine.

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