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Rare video of a tigress and her three cubs in Thailand

Incredible footage of a tigress and her three cubs was recorded in western Thailand last year. With only 148-189 wild tigers in all of Thailand, a tiger sighting is rare and even rarer to see a tigress with three well-developed cubs.

The video was captured in Thailand’s Upper Western Forest Complex, one of only two regions in the country where wild tigers still roam. While tiger numbers are stable in Thailand, the numbers are still low, and the population is vulnerable to poaching and prey depletion.

“I’ve seen many camera trap videos of tigers, but this one really stands out, it’s beautiful,” said Dr. Rungnapa Phoonjampa, WWF-Thailand’s Senior Project Manager. “Many people are giving their time and effort into protecting Thailand’s tigers, such as the dedicated ranger teams and conservationists, and it’s so rewarding to see this kind of video. It motivates us to keep going!”

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