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r/forhire – [Hiring] TikTok, Shorts, Reels editors and editors + posters


Hey, I need people who can make edits like these:
StevewilldoitCelina SmithRoobetSneako
These are all my accounts.

The job: Find clips for the appropriate client, edit them for vertical video format, and upload them to the appropriate Tiktok/Shorts/Reels accounts. 1 post a day per account, but this may vary.


  • Basic video editing skills (cutting, keyframe animating, text, adding music, crop…)

  • Willing to learn and improve – 90% of the work is picking the right clips, knowing what goes viral, cutting out the boring parts. The video hook is most important, the first 3 seconds of a video, that will captivate the viewer and make it want to watch the rest of the video

  • Either be US/Canada/UK based, OR use a VPN. I have a guide on VPN’s]

  • If you post horizontal videos like this, you won’t be accepted at all

  • Consistency

* I have a rough written guide on editing and what goes viral.

The pay:

  • 5$ per edit for Steve and Celina, 7.5$ for Roobet, 2$ for reposting to Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels (That’s 9$/11.5$ per edit) MINIMUM 350 VIEWS ON A VIDEO REQUIRED.+ Bonus $40 per 1 million views PER VIDEO, max 120$ per video.So 2 500k views videos don’t count, 1 video must get 1 mil views to count. (Tbh dumb but I didn’t make the rules)

  • Every week on Friday

* There is a trial 3 day to 1 week period to see if you’re serious and know what you’re doing, doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, results matter.

* If interested, make either a Stevewilldoit, Roobet account, or both. Put the appropriate profile pictures, edit Bio to: “Follow Stevewilldoit on Rumble!” / “Funny Roobet Moments!”. Then send account(s) to my Discord: Vtastik#0138 (I prefer you don’t contact me on Reddit, but directly on Discord, thank you!)

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