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r/forhire – [Hiring] (Online) Need a graphic designer to work with me on putting together a caregiver training course for assisted living.

I am an RN and own an assisted living community in Georgia, US. Part of the start regulations require what's called "Proxy Caregiver" training that is a form of certification for unlicensed caregivers to be able to assist residents in taking their medications. The course needs to be taught by a licensed RN or medical provider, which I plan on administering, but I simply don't have enough time to design the course itself.

Luckily, the State of GA provides fairly extensive requirements about what should be in the course, but specifics on how the material should be presented are left up to the presenter (although it does give suggestions and provides some basic handouts). There are a number of medication-related topics that need to be taught, and then there is a multiple choice and a couple demonstration tests that need to be given at the end of the course for certification (the test is also provided by the state). It sounds worse than it is, but all the pieces are there. I just need a graphic-inclined person with some education background to help me put the pieces together.

All specifics of what needs to be included are provided in the links below. I'm sure I could just create a powerpoint, bore my staff, and then call it a day, but I'd like to have something a little more comprehensive that does a better job at educating my staff for the benefit of our residents. I'm hoping this training could be done within an hour or two, or at most within 4 hours. Obviously, being that I will be using the course for business purposes, I would need a commercial release for it as well.

I honestly have no idea how much this would cost to put together. I'm certainly willing to pay a reasonable rate for quality work, but I honestly don't know if this is a quick job for the right person or I'm wildly off base with my assumptions. It probably doesn't make much financial sense for me to do it right now if it ends up costing over $500-$1k or so in total, so if that is a ridiculous ask, I do apologize. Not trying to cheap out. Please take a look at the document links below and let me know your thoughts on what it would take to create a course like this.


Training Curriculum

State Rules

Skills Competency Checklist

Insulin Syringe Skills Competency Checklist

Insulin Pen Skills Competency Checklist

Plan of Care

Caregiver Signature Page

Test Part 1

Test Part 2

Test Part 3

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