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r/forhire – [For Hire] Marketing, a 22 year old UCL, Cambridge graduate looking to take on a full time set of clients.

My name is Zack Frederick. Soon, I will have graduated from UCL with a masters in law. But I hate law. The truth is, I started marketing several years ago as I began my first website businesses, realising quickly that I was damn good at it and I really enjoyed it as an salesperson, the difference between me and John Doe wasn’t the products I was selling but the presentation, service and my ability to market them. I was damn good at getting eyeballs on whatever it was I was selling and I soon realised I was much better at bringing in customers than dealing with them, and I didn’t remotely enjoy warehousing, logistics and accounting all on my lonesome. So, here I am. Today I’m most interested in working on socials, advertising campaigns both small and large, building reports, and rewriting websites. I’ve taken several accounts from zero to 1M without any ad spend – which is one of the most difficult feats in marketing. I’m also hot on the heels of discord, tiktok and instagram (I’m sure you’re sick to death of hearing about them!) with accounts I manage earning millions of interactions per week. I’ve won national writing competitions for essays, stories and poems. I’m soon to be a published SF author, and I’ve contributed my fair share of short stories to magazines. My handle on the English language, combined with my proficiency with the software and tools companies use, and my focused work ethic allow me to the get results you need. I have numerous success stories from my part time workload during college, please DM if you would like to hear one relevant to you, and all the various evidences associated therein.

I’ve compiled a few free tips for general marketing and SEO.

Brand awareness

First off. Influencers will not magically make your website successful. You have to be your own influencer. Over my tenor, I have spent thousands on social media, rebranding and learning tricks like sticking state names across American products or even changing the colour of my website depending on the demographics of my audience. Spoilers, guys love red. Here’s an example data set. https://imgur.com/gallery/7OHIx Meaningless right? You can make a million correct conclusions from such data sets, it’s knowing what the needles in the haystack are that separates master from mediocre. Don’t fall for data. Look at your sales versus spend.

Here’s an example report from one of my clients – https://prnt.sc/iisqv8 They made 20k from those 40k clicks. Real estate. Not all clicks are created equal.


I have worked with many musicians and been in the trenches of the music industry, where marketing budgets go to die. And I came out swinging, proudly creating collabs between ‘nobodies’ and low-tier pop singers. My proudest connection having been ‘Ninja’ during the height of his fortnite campaign, I organised the marketing behind several viral Fortnite music parodies with now millions of views.

Trend riding

Make use of trends in your business. If something is so mainstream and big, why ignore it? It’s very meta for companies to support ‘the popular thing’, but in a very corporate way and it does work but pay attention to trends in your industry. This is one of the research points I follow – figuring out what the customers think, say, want and look for by researching competitors, customer social media etc.

Don’t buy followers

Followers don’t buy products, consumers do. I see a lot of website based businesses underuse social media with broad attempts at Facebook ads and Instagram ads, ill go to digital marketing agencies and see they either have no social following or a huge botted one. If you cut corners you get a circle not a profitable business – any of you finance majors will be well aware that service sells above all else, and social media is a service.

Here’s the impressions from a tweet I made on the first day of creating a company a twitter platform and using trend riding and collaboration to grow it https://prnt.sc/huziu6 4K Impressions on one tweet in 15 minutes – we hit 80k impressions in the first day. I did this from simply mimicking the formula for success from a similar company account, which shows how meaningless numbers can be on social media. It didn’t lead to many sales. Whereas a 150 follower account we ran in the Animal Crossing space had 100 active weekly consumers for customised merchandise.


  • If you’re selling food, you want a hungry customer so why are you advertising in a restaurant? If you’re selling boots, advertise outside a hike trail. Selling houses? Advertise outside apartments.* You get the memo. It’s important to know what you’re doing when you invest funds in adverts. If I can make your advert twice as efficient, for 5% of the cost, then you make more money.

  • For instance, I target groups through other groups. E.g. parents through niche’s like Barbecue’s where the average participant is an affluent parent, you can target students through certain video games.


Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to increasing the value and raw volume of your organic traffic. A successful website always wants as many of the most likely consumer base to encounter their product because that’s the hardest point of digital business. Your websites SEO is determined by crawlers which regularly check up on your website and update their index which is later used by an algorithm to order results when someone ‘googles’ something. The algorithms are blackboxes that nobody understands (we just know what goes in and comes out) but people who frequently interact with them (me) have an intuition based estimation of what works and does not work.

Here are some free SEO tips most will charge you for.


Https://Www.Example.Com is an example of something we call a ‘root domain’ which is made up of protocol (https://) subdomain (www.) domain name (example) and top-level domain (.com). These are the basic parts. It’s important that the protocol is the best and safest it can be or else google will punish you. It’s also important your domain name and top-level domain are appropriate and readable. The words used in your subdomain can also affect how customers interpret your website, websites can be named after their market base for easy marketing. In addition, the age and previous registrations of your domain matter. It’s important these factors are appropriately considered in your website. Be minimal with subdomains.


Google knows where it’s users are and what they’re using from their browser data, IPs and MACs and then matches them with websites in their areas or appropriate to searches. Ever since the infamous 2016 update ‘Possum’ it is not something you can ignore. Even jobs based websites had to use the meta data ‘Jobs Schema’ (from 2017 onwards) to tell google where your website was focused. Location specific landing pages matter. You have to pay credence to DNS (domain name server) and Glue to keep TTL (time to load) and mobile in mind, especially with more mobile users than ever. CMS (customs) is also part of this discussion: themes and plugins are a factor in Google’s ranking. One way to improve TTL is through CDN’s and we have to consider how we approach them to rank better. Sometimes, you might face penalties and there are ways to know; that’s a little too hard to explain here but PM me for more.


Nobody loves a book more than google. Robots will read all your website, even the stuff humans don’t bother with. Things like duplication will annoy Google who doesn’t like reading things twice. CTA’s (buttons basically) have to go somewhere nice and if they don’t work properly google will punish you. Human biases are important too. The user experience will effect their retention and Google will clock that. There’s also lots of minor things that can stack up: Filenames (help you rank on Images) Thin content (Google sees it as lazy) phrase diversity (spamming key words is noticed) and URL structures too! Make sure your in and outbound links are healthy as well as having keyword mapping where you assign the correct words to the right pages. Make sure your anchor texts (viewable when linking) are descriptive yet succinct. And finally: link velocity, a healthy eco system of link building is important to longevity and renewed SEO.

Technical Stuff.

Consistent anchor elements are important to prevent 404s. Don’t use abbreviations with naming files and folders. Limit use of dates for file folder names. Your site architecture has to be simple and close to the root domain so the click depth isn’t too great! Links to and from your site can’t be dead ends, and use breadcrumbs! Be wary of canonical issues from similar content across multiple URLs. Treat Cookies and Session IDs properly, privacy laws are ever changed and mismatching them can be dangerous. There’s lots more to go into like header status codes, site maps, GSC Crawl Errors etc.

I have 6 years experience in Google advertising. I am a massive supporter of paid advertising through Google! There are 2.3 million searches every second and all of them are shown Ads are the top of their page. If you are considering paid advertising, or are you using it without the returns you want to see – I can help with that.

Paid advertising, broadly speaking

Here’s how you can benefit from working with me:

  • Data driven keyword analysis and research using custom made software.

  • Competitor research (What their ads look like, graphs on their results, what words they target, what they do well/not so well and how we can learn from that.) using my custom made software.

  • Split testing – a scientific approach to marketing. This is where we compare two near identical copies of a page to see what improvements can be had from small tweaks.

  • Targeting geographically, demographically and intelligently. There are many ways to do this organically that I can translate to paid ads.

  • Strategic use of Google tools to analyse and improve ad efficacy.

  • Initial, and subsequent reporting with ‘layman explanations’ for those of you without years in Google.

  • Constant revaluation of bidding, keyword allotment and usage.

  • Analysis of your ‘SEO’, and conversions with ‘layman suggestions’ for improvements based on my years of experience.

PM for examples related to your business.

Reddit advertising

I can set up pixel through tag manager

Optimise Reddit Ads for CPM/CPC/Video impressions

  • Data based location targeting, to a city level + exclusion targeting

  • Data based interest targeting

  • Data based community targeting and excluding (Very confident in my ability to excel here. Super important to know the communities you’re targeting and what advertisements they like to see.)

  • Device based targeting

  • Bid optimisation

  • Smart/researched date/time advertisement scheduling (This is criminally underused)

  • Ad title rework, thumbnail/Card image rework


Cost for my services is 20-30 hourly (difficulty dependant) or a flat 200+ or 8% campaign fee monthly per project.

Direct message me (Not Reddit chat!) if interested in my services or with questions.

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