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r/forhire – [For Hire] Data Analysis, Bots, Web Scrapers & Automation Software


I’m offering my programming services to develop affordable solutions to common tasks such as:

  • Google Drive and Google Sheets automation.

  • Telegram, Discord, Reddit and Twitter bots.

  • FFMPEG ImageMatick and PIL automation.

  • SMS and Email notifications using the Twilio and Sendgrid APIs.

  • Web scraping using Websockets, BeautifulSoup, Requests and Selenium.

  • Performing repetitive tasks/routines on a web browser using Selenium.

  • Batch file processing, uploading and downloading.

  • NoSQL, SQL, JSON, CSV, XLSX, HTML conversion.

  • Advanced subreddit moderation tools such as dynamic post schedulers, auto-updating widgets, keyword monitoring and AutoMod configuration.

All the solutions are coded in Python 3 in compliance with best practices and PEP 8.

The scripts are cross platform compatible, you can also schedule them to run automatically using crontab on a Linux VPS, Raspberry PI or GitHub Actions and on Windows using Task Scheduler.

Prices are affordable and payments can be made via PayPal.

Delivery time is often 1-2 business days depending on project difficulty.


Data Analysis Services

I am also offering Data Analysis services, which cover the process of collecting your dataset and your requirements to cleaning, modeling, exploring and communicating the results.

You will receive a report in a PDF file which can contain graphs, plots and tables from the question you need answered.

It is preferred that your dataset is in CSV, XLS or XLSX format. SQL and NoSQL are also acceptable.

If needed I will sign your NDA at no additional cost.


Approximate Costs of Most Requested Tasks

Task Description Approximate Cost (USD) Approximate Delivery Time
Simple Web Scraper A web scraper for websites that are well structured or for web APIs. $30.00 – $50.00 < 24 hours
Complex Web Scraper A web scraper for websites that are not well structured and require a complex spider or managing user sessions. Also for web scrapers that require to rotate proxies and user agents. Starts at $50.00 < 24 hours
Selenium Web Scraper/Automation A web scraper developed using Selenium WebDriver. Required for the most complex websites, it can include support for proxy rotation. Starts at $100.00 24 – 48 hours
Simple Reddit/Twitter/Telegram/Discord (webhook) bot A bot that monitors subreddits/users/hashtags/websites and performs a predefined action. $30.00 – $50.00 < 24 hours
Complex Reddit/Discord bot A bot that takes commands and performs actions with the given parameters. The number of commands and their complexity increases the cost. Starts at $100.00 24 – 72 hours
Data Transformation Tool A script that performs transformation tasks on your datasets and raw text files such as extracting, cleaning, renaming, concatenating, removing duplicates, etc. $30.00 – $50.00 < 24 hours
Data Analysis (one insight) A report in PDF which can contain graphs, plots and tables from the question you need answered. $20.00 < 24 hours

Costs are influenced by the complexity of the given task and the quality of the target website. Feel free to ask any questions here or via PM.

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