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NetHunt CRM: App spotlight | Zapier

Working in sales is no easy feat. On top of keeping track of all your leads, moving them through different stages and engaging with them at the right time can take a lot of work. 

Generally speaking, a customer relationship management system (CRM) can help sales teams capture and convert these would-be customers. Yet some enterprise-grade CRMs might be too expensive—and have a lot of features you just don’t need. 

That’s why having a CRM that’s built directly into your Gmail and other Google Workspace apps could be your answer. NetHunt CRM lets you easily organize contacts and deals, segment them, and build custom pipelines—all within Gmail so you have zero distractions. 

NetHunt CRM origins: Making magic from excess features

For years, Andrei Petrik implemented enterprise-scale CRMs for big businesses across the U.S. and Europe. As a developer, he loved both the training—and the traveling. 

However, he noticed a problem with those CRMs: Most companies only used one or two features (they used it primarily as a contact database), and just a couple of reports from the dozens he pulled. Spending all that money on full-feature plans was a waste. 

Realizing this, Petrik and his team decided to create a more flexible system that was essentially a side panel within Gmail, completely stripped of redundant features. In 2016, NetHunt CRM was born. 

Did you know? Petrik and his team began brainstorming and writing code on napkins—before setting up NetHunt CRM officially in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

NetHunt CRM today: the sales CRM for Google workspace users

Today, NetHunt CRM is used by sales, marketing, and support departments to streamline their customer relationships—from lead capturing to email campaigns to reporting and beyond.

NetHunt CRM is built directly inside Gmail and blended into its UI. From storing customer data to forecasting sales, you can organize and work with your customers, find, organize, and nurture leads, as well as sort out deals and provide insights into what’s working and what’s not. In addition, you can track all your sales activity and easily collaborate with your team members. 

Fave feature: With Mentions, you can easily ping your team members when you need assistance and want to update them on deals or opportunities. 

Automate your CRM: Popular NetHunt CRM workflows

Unlock even more value from your CRM by connecting NetHunt CRM with Zapier and automating workflows across all your apps. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

New to Zapier? It’s an automation tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

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