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[For Hire] Hi, I’m a Full-Stack Software Engineer and Game Developer and looking for a full-time job

Hi everyone, I’m a full-stack software engineer and game developer. I’m very experienced in a very large scale of computer science; mobile development, full-stack web development, game development, low-level development, blockchain and Web3 development and more. I’m also experienced at making multiplayer games with Web3 payments.

My GitHub: https://github.com/rohanrhu

You can see my GitHub for my open source projects or some of things I worked on that are open source. I have also private repos for things I worked on I can explain you in a call if you are curious.

My portfolio has some of my old freelance projects: https://oguzhaneroglu.com/

Please ask for my CV and personal details.

What can I meow for you?:

  • Native Development in C / C++ / Go (I can write native things for some exceptional things needed. I love C/C++ so much and I love using Go too because it is more preferable since too few people there are skilled in C/C++ around when it comes to hire more devs.)

  • Mobile Development (I’m experienced at native Android development and cross-platform platforms mostly React Native)

  • Backend Development (I love using Go for backend and I also love using Node.js too (also with Next.js) I also used PHP for so many years in old times)

  • Frontend Development (in any way, pure, React.js (I love using Next.js))

  • Game Development (I’m experienced at making multiplayer networking and mechanics. I use Unity and Godot Engine) Web3 Development (I’m experienced at making gambling games with crpyto-currencies and making native extensions for Godot Engine with C++)

Things I love so much are firstly C/C++ since it enables me to do everything on any platform like an open source game engine or something that has native extensions support with dynamic-linking. I also love Go, C# and of course JavaScript. I also love improving my and my colleagues development environments always.

I’ve been working on games for a while, I worked on e-commerce things and various apps and services for a long time in old times. Also I love making open source projects and contributing to them and I love improving my debugger in my free time.

I’m looking for a full-time job so you can use me on many things you need according to my skills.

If you like me, feel free to ask me for my CV and more personal details about me.

Payment Method: BTC, USDC or USDT for 3k$ monthly

Have a nice dayyy.

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