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Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes | Free Book

The Make yourself slim program is a course by Tanja Schmelz, in which she shares the knowledge she has acquired over many years about nutrition and weight loss.

Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes | Get a slim program

About the author Tanja Schmelz

Tanja Schmelz is a registered nutritionist who has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight and nutrition goals in the past. Your online offer “Make yourself slim” will continue to help people. Because thanks to this, people reach their dream weight and are at peace with themselves and their bodies again.

As an engineer, she had to struggle every day with challenges such as little exercise and stressful daily routines. In order to cope better with her everyday life, she finally undertook the training to become a state-certified nutritionist.

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We are giving away our cookbook
“The Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes”
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Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes

Content from the Get Slim program

In the beginning, you get a quick overview of what exactly will happen in the course. With these instructions, you can then start immediately with the right course. After just seven days there are measurable results and a weight loss of up to four kilograms. The course is divided into four modules:

Module 1: This part is all about nutrition. You will find out which foods promote the weight loss process and which tend to get in the way. Because some food seems very good for the body but has the complete opposite effect. We also explain what the real danger for overweight people is and why. There are also certain products that speed up the metabolism by 40 percent and thus promote digestion.

Module 2: Module two deals with the mental view of losing weight. The focus here is on the techniques that lead to complete success. The necessary motivation and condition are also dealt with here in order to avoid a yo-yo effect with the right mindset.

Module 3: This module is used to carry out modules one and two. A large number of recipes are presented here that are good for you and your body and promote weight loss. Tanja Schmelz goes into food combinations here that you would never have thought of in life, but which taste more than good.

You can also pass this on to family and friends, invite them to dinner or, of course, enjoy it yourself. That way everyone gets something from the course and is happily full. Those with a sweet tooth will also get their money’s worth here, as Tanja has also thought of them and has accommodated one or the other sweet recipe. Vegans, vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant have a large selection of delicious recipes and will definitely not miss out.

Building block 4: The last point is all about the previous building blocks and their success. It’s important to stay successful and maintain your weight over the long term. Because if you only eat healthy for a certain period of time, have reached your desired weight, and then eat what you want again, the so-called yo-yo effect usually happens to you. So you quickly eat up twice the starting weight again.

Make yourself slim program: experiences and evaluation

It can be said that the Get Slim program is a good course not only to lose weight but also to learn to understand and love yourself. You are not forced to lose weight with random dietary instructions, but introduced to it with a healthy mindset.

The success rate of 96 percent is definitely impressive and is praised and recommended by most of the course participants. All instructions and recipes are available in digital format and remain available for permanent use.
✔️ Helps with weight loss❌ Doesn’t work for everyone
✔️ Leads to a healthy diet
✔️ Lots of informative material
✔️ Hundreds of recipes

What to do about being overweight?

Everyone has a certain daily calorie requirement. If you consume more energy in the form of food than you actually use, you will become overweight over time. In order to lose weight successfully, you either have to eat less than you use up or significantly increase your energy consumption, for example through sport.

It’s best to take your time with your food, chew it well, and just focus on it. Conscious and slow food intake makes the feeling of satiety come to fruition more quickly. Those who wolf down their food in a hurry tend to eat more. Drinking plenty of fluids can also support a diet. Sugary drinks are of course taboo.

However, two to three liters of water or unsweetened tea per day can help to lose weight. Regular physical activity is indispensable for sustainable weight loss. If only the diet is changed, the body first breaks down muscles.

However, this burns the most effective existing fat reserves. 
If new muscles are built, the daily calorie turnover increases – even when the body is at rest. However, don’t be surprised if the weight stays the same since muscle is known to be heavier than fat.
Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes

Is Tanja Schmelz’s make you slim program a scam or serious?

In general, it can be said that with such a course you have to decide for yourself whether it was worth it or not. However, we have started research in the editorial office, which has found quite positive results. A few reports from buyers can be found on the Internet, which sounds positive.

The editors believe that the course is worthwhile for anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthier. At Digistore24, products have to be uploaded and these can then be sold, provided they have been checked. In the next step, the operators of Digistore confirm that the offer is serious in terms of its approach.

Conclusion: Editor’s opinion on the Make yourself slim program

Tanja Schmelz’s course is an absolute recommendation for anyone who is dissatisfied with their weight or measurements. You can try the Get Slim program for a good two months. The pounds tumble, you get fitter and healthier and the fat melts away. If you still do not benefit from it, you will be refunded the entire amount.

? Get your free cookbook: Keto, Low Carb, Weight Loss, Diet

We are giving away our cookbook
“The Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes”
Regular costs $29.95, but today you get it free.
Simply click on the button  “Learn more” and get your copy.

Best Low Carb Recipes in less than 10 minutes

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