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A True Overview of Comparability Purchasing With Cell phones

A True Overview of Comparability Purchasing

Comparability Purchasing or comparison-shopping

These days, many consumers who make purchases online will not buy anything until they consult with a comparison-shopping website first, or do Comparability Purchasing, such as Shopzilla, Cnet.com, or Shopping.com or shopclues.com. They understand that comparison shopping ensures that they’re getting one of the best deals around, which is what most value-conscious shoppers want after all.

However, with today’s pace of social lifestyle being faster than ever, there is a growing need for comparison shopping on the go. There are laptops and wireless connections all over the place, but the average person is more likely to leave home with their cell phone instead of their laptop. So, the need for comparison shopping using a mobile phone was answered and there are several ways to take advantage of this new technology.

Google SMS

Google recently launched a new service that allows U.S. mobile phone users to tap into its search results via the short message service (SMS) infrastructure. Users send queries to GOOGLE or 46645 and receive results on their phones. The service returns directory information about local businesses via Google Local and provides price comparison shopping information through Froogle.com. It also lets users search for residential phone numbers, dictionary definitions, and Web search results snippets. Google SMS also does calculations, area code look-ups, and ZIP code look-ups. Results usually come within a minute and are text-based only.

This is a great alternative to save gas money and time driving all over the city looking for the best deal.


Launched in March 2006 as the first price-comparison mobile service using voice, Frucall allows consumers to compare retail store prices with prices for the same products on Amazon.com and online comparison shopping service Yahoo Shopping, directly from their mobile phone. It’s a simple solution that sidelines many services that offer price comparison results to be sent via text message. Even better, is that consumers can soon buy products directly from their mobile phone, assuming they have registered and have a valid credit card in their profile. Frucall enables consumers in the midst of examining retail aisles to call a toll-free number (888-FRU-SHOP) and input the product’s barcode. Within approximately 10 seconds, the caller gets a confirmation of the product name and the price of the product as listed online. Currently, the service compares prices for products from a variety of categories available on Amazon including automotive supplies, books, electronics, jewelry, movies, music, tools, and pet supplies. There are even features that will allow consumers to save purchase history, makes notes, and reminders.

Lastly, is that Frucall be accessed from any phone and since the results are not returned via SMS, there is no text messaging fees that sometimes occur with Google SMS.


With cell phones being as popular as socks, and everyone from age 10 to 100 having one, there is no surprise that mobile phone comparison shopping services are taking off. It is a simple concept that brings tremendous value for consumers who are looking to save a few dollars; and they can now feel confident about making the right purchasing decision, online or offline.

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